RtI doesn't have to be a 4-letter word.

Automatic RtI is a completely new approach to Response to Intervention for Behavior in K-5 settings. From classwide techniques to individual student solutions, Automatic RtI will guide you step-by-step through a practical and efficient RtI process that works for students, teachers, administrators and parents.

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An RtI Process That Works

All Tiers

Avoid costly missteps and wasted effort with a streamlined, step-by-step RtI process.

Classroom Essentials

Tier 1

Improve classroom management at your school with simple, evidence-based practices that any teacher can master.

Individual Student Solutions

Tiers 2, 3, and Beyond

Implement Tier 2 and 3 supports using innovative character kits that have all the materials you need to help your most challenging students.

Accessible Measurement

All Tiers

Unlock the power of efficient data collection and measure response to intervention with methods that are simple to master and easy to understand.


Order Automatic RtI Today – Only $7499 per Classroom

Automatic RtI includes everything you need to implement an evidence-based RtI for behavior process in your K-5 classroom. Each 212-page kit includes 1 Classroom Manual and 7 Character Kits.


Training Packages Available

An Automatic RtI team member will work with you to develop custom training and followup packages tailored to the needs of your school, district, or region.

Custom Orders

Implementing schoolwide? Need refills or extras? Contact inquiries@automaticrti.com to put together a custom order.


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